Our Mission | The Kentucky Initiative


The mission of The Kentucky Initiative (KYI) is to identify and support candidates for the Kentucky House of Representatives who are committed to the economic advancement and health and wellbeing of all Kentuckians.

KYI believes that many issues facing Kentuckians should transcend partisan politics, and we support candidates who will fight for these fundamentals:

  • Fair, living wages and safe working conditions;
  • A strong, well-funded public education system;
  • Safe, clean air and drinking water;
  • Affordable, accessible health care, including continued support of Medicaid expansion;
  • Protection of privacy when making personal health choices;
  • Equal protection for all Kentuckians.

KYI believes that the KY House of Representatives should be just that—representative of the needs of all citizens of Kentucky, not big money special interests. Too many elected officials are under the influence of special interests and are no longer working for their district or for Kentucky.