Want to Run for Office? | The Kentucky Initiative

We are actively seeking candidates who demonstrate or possess the following skills:

MOTIVATION: Candidates do not need prior political experience but rather need to be motivated and inspired to fight hard on behalf of the people in their districts;

LEADERSHIP: Candidates possess natural leadership abilities and can articulate a vision that will motivate and inspire others, can speak publicly with confidence, can communicate authentically and are dedicated to representing all constituents of the district;

COMMUNITY CONNECTION: Candidates have an established connection to their community and are committed to maintaining existing and building new strong, healthy relationships within their district;

ACTIVE LISTENING SKILLS: Candidates will know how to listen actively and effectively in order to understand and represent the needs and interests of the district, not just campaign donors;

OPENNESS: Candidates must be open to learning from the diverse voices in their district and to understanding the varying needs and interests both in the district and in Kentucky at large;

COMMITMENT TO THE ELECTORATE: Candidates are attuned to the needs of the district and will always put the constituents first and not be beholden to special interests or corporate influence;

PRAGMATISM & DETERMINATION: Candidates must understand that governance requires pragmatism and be willing to stand firm on non-negotiable principles and to negotiate and compromise when appropriate.